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What people are saying about MyDietitian

  • Testimonial_ashley

    Ashley Wilbanks, Registered Nurse, Pine Top, AZ


    “Not only is it SO easy to use (snap a picture of your meal vs. searching through a huge database to find every ingredient you ate), but a professional dietician will give you a review EVERY DAY! It’s not just one consult or a long diet plan. At the end of every day, everything you..."

  • Testimonial_shasta

    Shasta Dixon - Suwanee, GA

    January 2016

    “I started using the My Dietitian app on my smartphone after a pilot program was offered by our wellness committee. I used a photo journal to log my food and my Registered Dietitian(RD) reviewed my daily meals, then provided counseling to help improve my eating habits. After using the app every day during my three-month trial period and receiving daily feedback from my dietitian, I have completely changed how I eat. Now, I eat more clean foods (minimally processed), drink more water, and am more consistent with my workouts. My RD has even talked to me about stress reduction activities and how I can get more sleep. Thanks to all these lifestyle changes, I have lost 40 pounds and I am down 6 dress sizes! Having the accountability and constant counseling from a dietitian has made me very conscious of what I consume and what I put in my body."

    One of my favorite things about my new lifestyle is that I now look forward to going to gym because I have more energy. I have even developed a love for lifting weights!

    The changes I’ve made to my eating habits and exercise routine have impacted quite a few people in my life. Several of my friends that knew I struggled with my weight and self-esteem have asked me for encouragement. I now workout with some of those friends and see them making healthier lifestyle choices, too. I am also making healthier meals for my family.

    Because of VWR’s My Dietitian offer, I’ve been able to get consistent help with my eating habits and attend a fitness class twice a week. I truly appreciate all the focus VWR places on wellness.”

  • Testimonial_shanan

    Shanan Bouchard, Academic Success Coordinator

    September 2013

    “I had a wonderful experience with My Dietitian. I absolutely loved it. It's overwhelming to think about how many calories I'm consuming and the knowledge and guidance I gained from My Dietitian made it easy for me to understand my diet. I've been with My Dietitian for over a year now and I think receiving daily feedback from My Dietitian is the difference to my weight loss success. "

  • Testimonial_bobijo

    BobiJo Mooney - Mesa, AZ

    March 2013

    “With My Dietitian I started taking the weight off right away. I've lost 60 lbs and counting in the last 6 months. I don't have to worry about counting calories, I'm being educated as I go..."

  • Testimonial_placeholder

    Paula Rauenbuehler, Human Resources - Boston, MA

    October 2013

    “This is such a better way, in my view, to monitor food intake. The other programs that I've seen just let you log it--but there is not even an automated analysis of the choices. I like the daily guidance and the opportunity to ask questions. I've already recommended the program to others who I know have goal of eating better."

  • Testimonial_placeholder

    Robin - Chicago, IL

    “Using MyDietitian has helped me to be accountable for my health. I am able to see my strengths and weaknesses and have expert advice on a daily basis to help me reach my goals. Having a dietitian evaluate my habits and give positive feedback along with helpful hints to improve is absolutely wonderful. The application is well organized and easy to use; I frequently recommend this application to my friends."

  • Testimonial_placeholder

    TR, Director of Catering - San Francisco, CA

    January 2013

    “I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at My Dietitian! Before starting with you, I was hesitant to begin what I thought might be another program that I’d start and quickly lose interest in. Which would ultimately lead me back in to my bad habits in eating and lack of physical activity. I was so thrilled and surprised to FINALLY find a program that not only motivated me to eat more healthfully, but to really pay attention to all aspects of my overall health..."

  • Testimonial_tracey

    Tracey Ann - San Francisco, CA

    “I have my own Dietitian providing me personal feedback and advice for each day I record my meals. It's not an automated service like the other programs."