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How MyDietitian Works

My Dietitian was created to establish a professional relationship between users and Registered Dietitians, so users can become educated about the nutritional aspects of their daily diet.

Premium user has a Registered Dietitian assigned to their personal, private account for daily tracking, feedback and recommendations on your daily diet, 7 days per week.

Users record their diet with our mobile application throughout the day and automatically build a daily profile of their diet. At midnight, the profile is passed to your assigned Registered Dietitian for evaluation and feedback on that specific 24 hour timeline. The relationship is private, secure and convenient for our users.

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Who can benefit from MyDietitian?

Anyone wanting professional education and assistance with their actual diet is a potential user for My Dietitian. User demographics include all ages and numerous objectives in regards to nutrition and diet. Users may include:

  • Those looking for daily assistance with their diet
  • Those with nutritional issues that need daily advice
  • Overweight individuals of all ages
  • Mothers wanting feedback on the diet they provide their child

How to Get Started

User Registration is simple. Go to our website and choose the “Sign Up” option. You can enter minimal information to get started quickly but we highly recommend you provide as much personal details as possible so your personal Registered Dietitian * becomes more familiar with your history, personal environment and objectives/goals moving forward. Remember, with our Premium Plans, you are assigned an actual Registered Dietitian 7 days per week to evaluate and educate you on your actual diet. The more details you provide the greater the personal experience you will receive.

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How to Record Meals

Step 1 – Choose “Meal Input” tab on app homepage

Step 2 – Touch picture icon on upper left and take a picture of meal from 12 inches away. Add details of meal ingredients and portion of meal consumed if you choose to provide details for your Registered Dietitian. Also identify hydration throughout the day. The process takes less than a minute.


Record Daily Activities

Step 1 – Choose the “Physical Activity” tab on the app homepage.

Step 2 – Users have the option to record their daily physical activity, sleep hours, stress levels, stress level reduction and weight for their Registered Dietitian to acknowledge when reviewing the daily diet. This can be very important if regular activity, stress levels or sleep levels leads to increased/decreased meal consumption.

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Your Daily Dietitian Response

At midnight, your previous 24 hour diet timeline will be passed to your assigned Registered Dietitian * for evaluation. The Registered Dietitian will review your diet and provide a daily summary, rate specific categories such as unhealthy fats, sodium, sugar, fruits/vegetables, quality and quantity and then leave a personal message via text, voicemail or video clip. The user will receive an email from their Dietitian when the daily response is ready.


Getting Results

Users will receive an email from My Dietitian when their daily response is ready for viewing. Responses are delivered Monday thru Saturday for the previous days timeline. The Saturday and Sunday timelines are due on Monday.

Users are encouraged to login to the website to view responses so they can view their personal graphs that detail their personal ratings and progress. responses can also be viewed within the mobile app but the website provides a more enriched experience with additional details.

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