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Ray Lyons

CEO & Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur and 20 year veteran of the Internet and online services evolution. Ray has spent his career in the online services and mobile application evolution. He has been part of the mHealth revolution from it’s inception and created numerous mHealth start-ups.


Dr. Mike Tingey, MD

CMO & Co-Founder

Mike is passionate about preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes. With more than 15 years of primary care experience he has witnessed the great benefit of nutrition and physical activity in preventing illnesses.


Dr. Tom Garrison, MD


Dr. Tom is an Entrepreneurial physician with extensive clinical and administrative experience. He has launched a successful multi-state medical practice that currently operates in over 20 states.


Isaac Sloan


Isaac leverages the latest techniques in RoR Agile Development and strategies of Business Intelligence to optimize the user experience for impactful engagement and results.


Ray Eveleth

SVP Business Development and Alliances

Ray is a 25 year veteran in the Health & Wellness industry. He has led Sales, Alliannces and Client Management for national healthcare organizations, created a nutrition-based Wellness company and thrives in the energy and creativity of the start-up culture.


Professor Rick Hall

VP Operations

Rick is a clinical professor of nutrition and health entrepreneur. Rick has been in the forefront of nutrition and the education of the nutrition community for 20 years. Rick sits on numerous boards for nutrition products and wellness education.


Jody Pannozzo, RDN

VP Training

Jody is an accomplished 20 year veteran of Dietetics. Having spent her career managing nutrition and counseling for organizations like The Ohio State Athletic Department, Jody has been involved with all aspects of clinical nutrition.


Nicole Brigham, RDN, IBCLC

VP Quality Assurance

Nicole is an accomplished RDN that has spent her career working within the clinical nutritional and state nutritional services.