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MyDietitian.com wants to establish a platform that aligns Registered Dietitians with clients online, utilizing today’s technology, in an effort to track their diet and provide professional education about the nutritional aspects of their diet. We believe in easy accountability and professional feedback.

MyDietitian.com has created a cost-efficient platform that will allow users to be assigned a personal, Registered Dietitian to review their diet 7 days per week. This is a personal, private relationship between the user and their assigned RD. The RD will educate the user on their daily diet on the nutritional aspects of the foods they eat.

MyDietitian.com is unlike other services because we educate the users on what they actually consume while not trying to sell any specific foods, programs or services.

Individuals record their daily diet through smartphone applications or the Website and meals are loaded to their personal profile throughout each day. The following day, their assigned RD will review the diet and provide direct feedback to the client regarding each day’s diet.


Users will receive feedback from their RD Monday-Saturday within 24 hours. This program tracks important nutritional categories of their diet including sugar, unhealthy fats, fruits/vegetables, sodium, quantity and quality. These categories will be rated daily by your RD and applied to their ongoing graphs to track their nutrition progress while also building a private library of their diet for your own records.

MyDietitian.com is an army of Registered Dietitians tracking users diets, on a daily basis, in an effort to educate and help users make informed decisions when addressing their personal diet and nutritional needs. MyDietitian.com’s objectives are to educate and help users make gradual and long-term changes to their diet.